Mighty Oaks Home School Cooperative



We are a group of moms that come together to give their children access to more educational opportunities. Moms who each play a role in serving the education of the children and needs of the group.

K-8th grade functions on a duty sharing principle, we share in the course teaching load. Each parent serves during 12 weeks of co-op.

Our unit studies are enrichment and exposure classes that are designed to supplement what you are doing at home in the core subject areas.

Examples of our unit studies:

  • Fine Arts
  • Science
  • PE
  • Foreign Languages

Age/Grade Divisions

We currently service K through 8th grade.


This program is for our littlest oaks in the preschool or nursery.


This program is for students K-8th grade. There are four groups:

  • Elementary: K-2nd
  • Intermediate: 3rd-5th
  • Middle: 6th-8th

Application Procedure

We are firmly dedicated to an enriching experience for our children and homeschooling parents. As such, first time applicants will need to meet with the director and/or assistant director for a brief and informal interview. This is an opportunity to hear the vision of the Mighty Oaks and meet some of the board members. It also serves as a chance for us to get to know you and to discover ways that we can better serve you. This step is important, but also informal and we will likely meet up a local park where the kids can frolic nearby. To get started fill out our registration form by clicking the link below. We will get in contact with you to schedule a play date.


Fees and Financial Obligations

Registration Fee


This is a per family fee that is due with the registration form.       

Supply Fee


This is a per child fee that is due at the the first class session of each term.

Love Offering

A love offering will be taken up for Concord Church at the feast and fellowship night, please plan to show some appreciation to the church for graciously allowing us to use this space.


Optional Costs

If you elect to participate, each of the optional afternoon tutorials classes carry an additional fee.

Also, all field trips have an additional fee; each family would have to cover the cost to attend of any of the optional field trips.


Each family is required to participate in two fund raisers. Typical fundraising opportunities include:

  • Sheet Sale
  • Christmas Market
  • Spring Fling Market
  • Envelope the School
  • Curriculum Sale